Good news: my next book, Unlock Your Brain: Free Yourself from Bad Habits, Escape Addiction, and Stop Self-Destructive Behavior, will be published by Hudson Street Press, a division of Penguin, next August. This is a very good publisher. The editor, Caroline Sutton, has been called “the reigning queen of ‘Big Idea’ self-help” in New York Magazine. I join the ranks of authors in this press like Sharon Begley, Dean Ornish, Andrew Weil, and Deborah Tannen.
The book is really about self-destructive behavior, how it’s caused by conflict and miscommunication between our thinking brain and our automatic brain. We like to believe we’re logical and thoughtful but the truth is most of our actions are motivated by forces outside our awareness—social influence, stereotypes and assumptions we’re not aware of, feelings we’ve stuffed beneath the surface. New knowledge about how the brain works teaches us how to control bad habits from mild procrastination to active self-destruction.